Avoid Dangerous Physique Crash Dieting

It is not uncommon for those preparing for a physique or bodybuilding competition to crash diet for lower body fat. However, there are health and training risks associated with this that can place the athlete in serious danger. While many people in society use crash diets, which are typically dangerous, the dangers are compounded for those that crash diet while maintaining a large amount of exercise.

For the average person weight loss means reaching a desirable healthy weight. Bodybuilders and physique competitors have a different relationship with weight loss, and their desired goal is typically an unhealthy level of bodyfat.


Crash Dieting Hits Us Hardest


Crash dieting while rigorously exercising can actually damage muscles. Your body becomes accustomed to a certain level of caloric intake, and your muscles are one of the first things the body will cannibalize when it is short on calories and body fat. Worse, when a crash diet is followed by sudden caloric intake (as many competitors do after the event), there is a large amount of strain placed upon the heart and blood vessels that can lead to long-term damages.

As a bodybuilder or physique competitor, you live a very different life from the average person. These differences carry certain health benefits and risks that others are not accustomed to. Since your body operates at a much higher physical level constantly, even slight changes to your everyday routine can have dramatic consequences. For this reason, it is especially dangerous for you to partake in fad diets or untested supplements.

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