Color Selection, Bodybuilding Posing Trunks

Selecting the appropriate posing trunks for a bodybuilding competition goes beyond simply selecting your favorite or lucky color. While there is nothing bad about your lucky color, it may not be the best color to help you win. It is said that the best choice is to match the color of your trunks to compliment your skin tone, but there is quite a lot of conflicting information as far as which colors go with what, and it can be quite tough to follow. Ensuring the trunks you choose will work for you come the big day can be what tips the scales in your favor.

Reading The Charts

One of the difficulties with selecting trunks based upon information found online is that there is a lot of it, and it can be tough to tell which information is best. Some sources will go purely by skin tone matched with color, while others throw in hair. A variety of sources still include patterned trunks as an option, while many say patterned trunks are taboo.
Before choosing which chart to throw your lot in with, just remember that your skin tone now will likely not be the same as your skin tone during the competition. Most bodybuilders paint themselves a golden to dark bronze color, removing certain color combinations altogether. Additionally, this paint can easily get on your trunks day of, so come prepared with a back-up pair of trunks or choose a darker color to make it less noticeable.

The Actual “Right” Choice

It has been suggested that the color red offers a slight edge in competition. When two combatants are closely matched, the person wearing the color red takes the win more often. There is little understanding why this is the case, and it does not help at all when the competitors are not closely matched, but it is certainly something to consider. However, if everyone is wearing red, changing to something else could make you stand out! Whether or not you believe in this statistical edge, it could be worth considering if you are torn between red and another color.

Take It From The Pros

Another strategy is to just look at what is working for top bodybuilding professionals, especially if you are similar in physique to one of them. Choosing the same posing trunks as a champion should not be a poor choice, unless they differ greatly from you. Taking a specific pros look may not be the most effective trunk solution for everyone, but looking at broader trends in pro-choice posing trunks canhelp with your decision. Take care to switch from emulation to innovation eventually, as doing what others are doing for too long will prevent you from forming an individual identity as a competitor!

At Classic Physique we carry a number of different colors in bodybuilding posing trunks, and are committed to providing you with every competitive edge available. Contact us for information today!