Competitive Physique: Where To Start

If you have been receiving the side-eye looks at the gym, or even at the supermarket, for your super ripped body, then odds are you have considered competition. If you haven’t put serious thought into it, that’s okay. Competition isn’t something to rush into, and it certainly is not for everyone. But, if you are actively considering it, then you are probably wondering “what are the benefits to competition, and why should I pursue it?”

Simply put, competition breeds improvement. Competition is the missing ingredient to push your workouts from personal passion to goal-oriented drive. Training for a competition requires a training cycle designed to improve and maintain muscle growth throughout the body. Contests bring out the best in all of us, and physique competition exemplifies this.

Setting Yourself Up For Success

Just like with most sports, you will likely not be a smash success in your first attempt. This will take hard work, planning, and probably a few healthy doses of disappointment. Prepare yourself for all of these things, and soon they will fuel the fire in your gut.

Before ever setting foot on stage, you should start with these simple steps first:

  • Pick your division - There are many divisions out there, and they serve different body types and fitness goals. Figure out where you want to be, and set your sights on the corresponding division.
  • Give Yourself Time - Don’t start by picking the first available event, you will need quite a lot of time to prepare before your debut. Pick an event around a year off--less or more depending on your situation--to give yourself plenty of time to get things in order.
  • Do your research - There is no shame in seeing what works for someone else, in fact it would be tough to succeed without hours of research and study.
  • Perfect Your Posing - Posing has so much to do with success in this sport, and perfecting your posing will be an ongoing effort. For your first event, rely upon that which is working for others in your division, and feel free to reach out for feedback as much as possible.
  • Check Your Diet - In the time leading up to the competition, male’s will want to plan their diet to be at around 5% body fat on the day of the competition (female’s about 10%). Note: it is unhealthy to hold this body fat level all of the time, so make sure you plan your reduction and increase afterward.
  • Prepare Your Presentation - Posing aside, you want to plan out your on-stage appearance well in advance. Give yourself time to find posing trunks that will compliment your tan and hair style, this process should be tested and proven long before your first event. Consider working on a base layer tan, beginning about 6 weeks prior to the event.
  • Learn What You Can About The Competition - While most information is generally available online regarding the breakdown of each competition, learning about the intricacies of your particular event can be very useful in your preparation.

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