4 Ways To Improve Your Competition Performance

Those that compete in bodybuilding are always looking for the next slight edge that will push them over the competition. Most of the time the winner of a competition is decided by the work put in outside of the gym. If you are looking to improve your performance, follow these four simple tips:


1. Perfect Your Poses. Then Perfect Them More.


Poses are everything in a competition. Changing your routine even a slight amount can have a wild amount of impact on your success. While each division may be different, studying the most successful competitors in your chosen discipline can give precious insight into the strategy of posing. While many poses are mandated, they are often far from equal. Any time there is a pose-of-choice, ensure you choose something that benefits your overall performance by showing off your greatest assets.

To the untrained eye, anyone performing the same pose will look very similar, but that is not the case. Adjusting the angle of an arm or leg, or even turning your hips can provide very different lines. Remember, competitions are decided by deductions over accumulations. Failing to show a muscle in a pose can cost you huge! Tailor your pose sets to highlight your strengths, and mask any weaknesses.


2. Do Your Research


Research what works for others in your chosen event, and what gets deducted. If you watch footage from relevant events you can gain a lot of useful information on what judges may or may not be  looking for. Adjust what you do, wear, and how you present yourself based upon what is working. Eventually, you may get to a point where you are the innovator, and others are emulating your style, but while you are up-and-coming be sure to research thoroughly.

Many bodybuilders have found success in seeking online feedback from forums online. While this advice should be taken with a grain of salt, getting some honest criticism can go a long way in perfecting your body and your stage presence. Also, this can be very uplifting as many people will praise your strengths. Using these things to your advantage can help you achieve victory.


3. Invest In Your Look


Your look is everything you bring on stage with you other than muscle. This is everything from your chosen trunks to how you highlight your skin and face with paint or makeup. Picking a look that highlights your body is not as simple as it seems. There is a lot of information out there about the best products to use, as well as how best to use them. Choose very carefully when selecting anything that you will take with you, as you do not want to distract from the poses and muscles that matter. Experiment with various products and be sure to try out everything you plan to bring with you far in advance to allow time for adjustments. While judges may not intentionally judge your hairstyle, it can help or hurt you in a close competition.


4. Don’t Cheap Out, Get Nice Trunks


If you’re only going to wear one thing when you go on stage, then make sure it is high-quality! If you go with cheap posing trunks, they will likely fall flat when compared to a competitor’s higher quality gear. A good pair of posing trunks will not detract anything from your posing, and can even make you appear as a more serious competitor. There is also the issue of cheap trunks not holding all of the bits and pieces together quite as well, and trust us, you don’t want that.

When selecting your bodybuilding posing trunks for competition, make sure you never pick anything that will distract the judges from you. It may be tempting to pick something with a pattern, or multiple colors, but it is possible that your scores will suffer for it. Additionally, you do not want the reputation of being “the one in the funk trunks.”

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