Grit: Overcome The Anxiety Of Posing Trunks

The lights are shining in your eyes, they’re so bright that you can only see the faint, shadowy outlines of the audience. They’re all watching you, and as you look down you see you’re wearing a tiny pair of briefs. Nothing else, only one thin layer of fabric between you and eternal shame! You can feel their eyes judging your body, as if they can see right through the layers of muscle you’ve labored to put onto your form. Suddenly, the body you pride yourself on seems to offer no protection, as their prying eyes look into the essence of your being.

No, not a nightmare. That is what it can feel like going under the spotlights in a debut bodybuilding competition, albeit a bit dramatized. But there is no getting around the fact that for many men, posing trunks represent the first nearly-naked attire ever worn in public, let alone in a competition. Getting judged while nearly naked is among many people’s greatest fear, and overcoming that anxiety is one of the greatest challenges posed to many bodybuilders.


It’s Like Stage Fright, Except You’re Also Naked


How do bodybuilders get their start? Were they thinking of their first competition win when they began hitting the gym regularly? Did they dream of this the way kids dream of being a star pitcher, or the next LeBron James? For many the answer is no, they didn’t begin thinking like that at all.

Many competitors begin with a simple, earnest desire to improve their physique. Just like anything in life, there are those that push the bar higher and higher, although in this case the bar is lifted (repeatedly). As these folks bulk up, and get more serious about the culture of muscle growth, people begin to push them toward the competitive side of things. Things like “are you a bodybuilder,” “what’s your secret,” or “do you compete” begin to pour in, and not just at the gym. Many professional bodybuilders are just fitness enthusiasts at heart that finally listened to the advice of the person behind them in line at the grocery store.


“You should compete.”


One of the largest components of competition is not your body, and the person with the best body doesn’t always win, but rather the psychological element. A firm belief in oneself and the confidence to go out there and own the stage are both crucial components for success in the competitive industry. And it all starts with overcoming the fear of the trunks.


Struggling With Fear? Not For Long


Bravery and grit are essential components for achieving excellence in bodybuilding, and these features manifest themselves in the confidence to overcome stage fright. It requires a certain type of person to perform their best while being judged with nearly no clothes on; be that person. That person gets up every day to work hard at something they are passionate about. That person welcomes criticism, and never settles for “good enough.”

So push through, and be brave. Nobody is stopping you but yourself, and it’s time to show the world what you’re made of. When you take the stage you won’t go out naked, instead you’ll be wearing a suit of armor forged by hard work and determination. Your grit is your armor, and it’s time to shine.

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